Poem : Vaccination

They don’t care about the water, food, your well being, or the air you breathe.But I’m supposed to trust them wanting to vaccinate me.All these experiments they performed on civilians unknowingly.Years later after it’s exposed, you lucky to get a presidential apology.They cause the problem, then come with the solution.Avoid climate control debates, and world pollution.Started with Covid-19, now we have 12 different variants.To get … Continue reading Poem : Vaccination

The Story of How Eckhart Tolle Manifested “The Power Of Now”

The magical piece of paper he lost…and then found. Published by David Gerken Manifestation is a thing these days. People visualize, affirm through speaking and/or writing the things they’d like to have in their lives. That could mean a new girlfriend, a new job, a new Porsche, whatever. Well, how about manifesting what is by all accounts one of the most influential spiritual books ever … Continue reading The Story of How Eckhart Tolle Manifested “The Power Of Now”

Le Rôdeur

Déjà au dépanneur du coin, je le vois s’intéresser à moi. Il m’épie tel un espion sur la piste d’un malfaiteur. Il me talonne sans relâche. La frayeur s’empare de moi tranquillement. Je zigzague dans les rues, espérant qu’il ne me suive pas. Je le perçois sans cesse derrière moi. Il avance paresseusement suivant mes pas. J’espère réussir à lesemer, mais il est toujours là. … Continue reading Le Rôdeur