Five-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Lower Blood Pressure

Kristin Houser HEALTH — FEBRUARY 26, 2022 “A small study suggests that IMST is as effective as medications or 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. When done for five minutes a day, a simple breathing exercise called IMST can lower high blood pressure as effectively as medication or aerobic exercise, according to a CU Boulder study. “It’s easy to do, it doesn’t take long, and we think … Continue reading Five-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Lower Blood Pressure

The Matrix

Notice Humanity is experiencing a time split. This takes shape in changes to family & other relationships, lifestyle and conditions. You may wish to leave the city, a career, alter diet, environment, climate or community. On a deeper level, many people are shifting frequency and vibration, expanding consciousness. Shifts may evoke nausea, internal and external conflict. How to manage? Allow changes to occur to be … Continue reading The Matrix

The Reality Of Consciousness

Is human consciousness creating reality? Is the physical universe independent from us, or is it created by our minds, as suggested by scientist Robert Lanza? JUNE 7, 2021 A new study claims networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality. The scientists propose that observers generate the structures of time and space. The paper could help yield insights into the God Equation, which attempts to unify … Continue reading The Reality Of Consciousness