The Seven Days & Their Meaning : Woden’s Day

The Seven-Day Week The Babylonians marked time with lunar months. They proscribed some activities during several days of the month, particularly the; first – the first visible crecent,seventh – the waxing half moon,fourteenth – the full moon,nineteenth – dedicated to an offended goddess,twenty-first – the waning half moon,twenty-eigth – the last visible crecent,twenty-nineth – the invisible moon, andthirtieth (possibly) – the invisible moon. The major … Continue reading The Seven Days & Their Meaning : Woden’s Day

The Seven Hermetic Principles

Who is Hermes? “Hermes (/ˈhɜːrmiːz/; Greek: Ἑρμῆς) is an Olympian deity in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Hermes is considered the herald of the gods. He is also considered the protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves, merchants, and orators. He is able to move quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and the divine, aided by his winged sandals. Hermes plays the role of the psychopomp or “soul guide”—a conductor of souls into the afterlife. In myth, Hermes … Continue reading The Seven Hermetic Principles