Just another sophisticated plant;
Here to remind you that you are too...

” I am here to bring lucidity into your dreams and awareness into your thoughts…

Hey, my name is Laurence and I want to share with you how you can enlight your path, find balance, and become the (he)art-chi-tech of your own life; through tarot reading, dream interpretation or private coaching – let me be the companion on your spiritual journey.

Let’s share our (he)art…

My Services


Are you searching for answers regarding your soul mission, healing process, life choices – or just seeking wisdom and connection to your higher self? Tarot can help!


If you remember a dream, there is clearly a message hidden there! Are you having troubles to discover what this could be? Interpration can bring insightful clues!


Do you feel overwhelmed by an awakening you are experiencing, lost in all that space-time you’re creating, or just looking to level-up? Private coaching is there for you!


I also offer energetic healing as part of any of those three services aforementioned. My beliefs around energetic healing are wide and free of dogmas. Over the years, I've learned to combined various techniques and approaches inspired
(but not limited) by ayurveda, reiki, alchemy, traditional medicine, quantum mechanics, and crystal therapy.

Daily FREE Food For Thought


She truly is an inspiration. I love her take on things, she has a very humble approach to those topics and that’s admirable!


"Laurence continues to amaze me with
her peception, she was spot on!"


"Her reading was extraordinarily accurate
and her understanding is unparalleled by most - which I assume
is because her intentions are pure and therefore divine
knowledge has been bestowed upon her."


"I'm feeling so blessed to have met her!"


"Laurence has an incredibly soothing presence!
She's clearly on Earth to ease our souls..."


"She's a blessing to this world!
Appreciate her so much!"


"She's a really special woman,
she is truly gifted!"


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