The Definition of Artivism

“Artivism is a portmanteau word combining art and activism. Artivism takes roots, or branches, off of a 1997 gathering between Chicano artists from East Los Angeles and the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. The words “Artivist” and “Artivism” were popularized through a variety of events, actions and artworks via artists and musicians such as Quetzal, Ozomatli, and Mujeres de Maiz, among other East Los Angeles artists, and at spaces such as Self Help Graphics & Art. Artivism developed in recent years as antiwar and anti-globalization protests … Continue reading The Definition of Artivism

Return to the Future

“No one and nothing can harm us, child, except what we fear and love.” Sigrid Undset A wonderful co-lab I had the chance to take part of, between various heart-ists. Or should I say Earth-ists? Those meetings makes me feel so great-full, and reminds me why I’m doing this. In those times of uncertainties, the only thing we can be sure of is where we … Continue reading Return to the Future

Material : Why, How & When

First Issue’s Coming! It’s been an incredible journey so far to establish that project so dear to my (he)art : a free public art magazine, meant to promote art and humanism. The community reminds me every day why I’m doing this, and how important that is… And that the « when » doesn’t matter. But since we have to set one; date of first release … Continue reading Material : Why, How & When

Spotlight on : Mono Sourcil

“Mono Sourcil defines herself as a muralist but she is also known to do wheatpastes and hand-drawn stickers. Her centre of gravity appears to be in Hochelaga; her creations are mostly found in the Eastern and central areas of the city. For more information on the artist and for many more photos than what I have featured here, check out her personal, Instagram and Facebook pages.” – wall2wall © photo … Continue reading Spotlight on : Mono Sourcil

Get Curated

Did you know that creators from all around the world can get curated for our monthly public magazine? If you are : a writer; a photographer; a painter; a graff artist; a model; a creative mind ready to share your work with the world… We are looking for you! share the #3l_artmag on IG! © photo | Yohann Libot © design | Laurence BL Continue reading Get Curated

Spotlight on : The Artful Vandal

Did you ever came across this image around a corner? A depraved mouse, flashing her boobs, fighting for freedom? I did! And oh boy… What a blessing. If you don’t know who this is, let me introduce you to Miss Me art : Dubbed by Vice as Montreal’s Premier Art Vandal, MissMe has been busy wheatpasting, preaching, and taking no prisoners. Her explosive style draws … Continue reading Spotlight on : The Artful Vandal