Public Space

3L – ART MAG is a free art magazine. Limited copies are left in public spaces for passers to stand-by.

Meet our team

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Our Mission

Sharing pieces of (he)art is our way to express our own humanity, whatever it might means for its creator. Following that philosophy, we think that every human who share their (he)art should deserve a tribune to exhibit.

Our History

It has begun long before our time. We are only pursuing an idea that most have forgotten : caring by sharing.

Welcome Into our Space

As a dancer and photographer, it felt natural to create a moving public space where visual arts could speak for themselves. Motion and emotion is what keeps the world running, so this space is here for you to embrace those concepts as a whole. You’re a creative mind? A passionnate lover? An empathic soul? Or … Continue reading Welcome Into our Space


This is where it begins! I’ve procrastinated this project for so long I almost started to believe it would never see the light of day. But here we are, a couple of days before the first publish, and I am excited as a kept fish who’d discover there’s a whole ocean outside of its tank! … Continue reading Genesis

Sharing Intimacy

One of our dearest value is freedom of speech : a speech without censorship. More often than not, provocative words and images get hidden, censored, or worst; banned. Censorship is a real issue nowadays. Too many artists I’ve met are claiming they would be its first victim if they had never learn to build their … Continue reading Sharing Intimacy

Promote Art & the Human Behind

Help us making art accessible again and keep us flourishing by giving to our community project! donate now Free your (he)art As a human, I’m using my right to speak. As an artist, I’m using my right to share. Human-Artist I had a hard time defining the word “human” in my youth, and what it … Continue reading Promote Art & the Human Behind

Where Does Your Money Goes?

You are considering to help us fund our magazine but you’re wondering how much you should give? How it might help? Simple! Your donation will help paying either one of those two expenses; Maintain our virtual presence; Printing our material on recycled paper. 5$ = one copy of our monthly issue; 15$ = one month … Continue reading Where Does Your Money Goes?

Material : Why, How & When

First Issue’s Coming! It’s been an incredible journey so far to establish that project so dear to my (he)art : a free public art magazine, meant to promote art and humanism. The community reminds me every day why I’m doing this, and how important that is… And that the « when » doesn’t matter. But … Continue reading Material : Why, How & When