Numerology 101 : number 7

The nine single-digit numbers form the basis of numerology study, and represent the essence of order in our chaotic world. Each number has its significance, but what about the seventh one?

  • 7 –  inner wisdom, luck, spiritual growth and creativity
  • 77 – prosperity, intuition and deep connection to the physical and spiritual world
  • 777 – divine guidance, self healing, awareness and inner strenght
  • 7777 – peaceful solitude, hidden truth, clarity and confidence

It is widely accepty that 7 symbolizes; the deepness, wisdom, safety, and creation.

In mathematics, the number 7 is the only prime number preceding a cube. The seven Classical planets resulted in seven being the number of days in a week. It is often considered lucky in Western culture and is often seen as highly symbolic. Unlike Western culture, in Vietnamese culture, the number seven is sometimes considered unlucky. The number 7 refers to the seven colors in a rainbow: seven continents; seven seas; seven climes; the neutral pH balance; the number of music notes in a scale; the number of spots most commonly found on ladybugs, etc.

“The number 7 represents a sacred soul.” – Pythagoras

The number seven is also spiritually full of insights. It contains the number three of the heavens and soul with the number four of the Earth and body. The Pythagoreans called the number 7 “the Septad”. Seven circles form the symbol called “The Seed of Life” whichsymbolizes the six days of creation, the central circle symbolizes the day of rest. In the Tarot, seven is the card of the Chariot. The Chariot is symbolic of the need to focus. This mystical number can be found in many sacred books such as the Bible, the Torah or the Kabbalah. Here are a few examples: the 7 capital sins and the 7 catholic Sacraments; the 7 days resulting in the Creation of the World mentioned in the Bible; the 7 chakras in Hinduism. That is why the number seven is also associated with divine perfection. As far back as Ancient Egypt, many – notably religious – edifices were built respecting the proportions linked to the following numbers:

  • Number 3: symbol of equilibrium and trinity, which confers on it a spiritual and even divine character.
  • Number 4: symbol of the material and terrestrial world.
  • Number 7: which is the result of the sum of the other two numbers, finds a place between the two worlds, the world of life and the world of death. It refers to completeness and the aspect of things well done.

The Pythagoreans called the number 7 “the Septad”. It is a very highly vibrational number. Number seven means unity, togetherness. It is a very important number in Pythagorean tradition as it corresponds to the final destination of the universe, which is to reunite in the unity, go back to its original condition, oneness.

“If the nine-single digits are the roots of our mathematical world, the number seven would be the reunion of the Earth and Sun through life.” – Laurence BL

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