The Suit of Wands : Tarot Card Meanings

The suit of wands is one of four tarot suits within the Minor Arcana, which are generally corresponding with everyday events. The suit of wands is connected to the element of fire. Consider this element when you are working with wands; it is temperamental, volatile, and full of energy.

The suit of wands is the source for all energy, it symbolizes human willpower. In a tarot reading, the suit of wands often represent a person’s creative potential, and can suggest themes of creative projects, inspiration, and on’s drive.

Suit of Wands Strengths

When this suit is at its best, the wands provide a great source of inspiration, passion, courage and drive. Behind many of our actions, the wands suit is there to propel us to do something, or to change something. This is why this suit is related towards the concept of energy; it is the power that is behind our actions. People that are related to the wands are usually passionate, action-oriented, adventurous and open. 

Suit of Wands Weaknesses

The suit of wands also has weaknesses however; though it can be powerful, it can also be destructive. A fire can provide light and warmth, but also can burn things down with incredible ferocity. The Wands element is temperamental, and can shift from one mode to the other. Reversed cards in the suit of wands are generally reckless, volatile, and dangerous.

The Suit of Wands Tarot Correspondences

keywordsenergy, drive, willpower, creativity, power
astrological signsaries, leo, sagittarius
alternate namesrods, clubs, scepters
jungian functionintuition
References :

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