CoLab : Art Collective

We are recruiting!

Colab is a community project for activist artists, as inspired as inspiring. Our goal is to bring concrete ecological and economic changes, and generate an ecosystem of ideas for a permaculture of living beings, their thoughts and their consciousness. We believe that art is a catalyst for change and that it must be put at the service of the community, to create a world in which we can share our humanity.

Humanity needs sublime. The sublime of sublime is art.

The sublime of art is avant-garde.

– Roland Topor

3L has teamed up with STUFF – Arts & Tattoos to :

Build with heart;
Nourish what we'd like to see grow;
And co-create together the world of tomorrow.
Laurence BL

What we offer

To non-profit organizations, and small local environmental businesses :

  • Fundraisings
  • Art donations
  • Support & visibility

To activist heartists :

  • Online shop (for personal projects)
  • Collaborations between artists
  • Support & visibility

If you are a committed artist and want to participate in the active life of CoLab, or if your organization could benefit from our services, contact us and co-create our future!

Laurence BL
Founder of 3L - ART MAG
Art Director at STUFF - Art & Tattoos
Co-founder of CoLab
Phil Gravel
Founder of STUFF - Art & Tattoos
Co-founder of CoLab

3L – ART MAG is a citizen’s initiative fighting for liberty of the press, humanity and the (he)artist involved in its ascension.

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