Poem : Vaccination

They don’t care about the water, food, your well being, or the air you breathe.
But I’m supposed to trust them wanting to vaccinate me.
All these experiments they performed on civilians unknowingly.
Years later after it’s exposed, you lucky to get a presidential apology.
They cause the problem, then come with the solution.
Avoid climate control debates, and world pollution.
Started with Covid-19, now we have 12 different variants.
To get vaccinated has become an enablement.
From Alpha to Omicron.
What happens to the old variant, when a new one come along.
Fully vaccinated with a booster, and still test positive.
How am I suppose to trust them, and remain positive.
I refuse to fake it like Brett Farve & Antonio Brown, I stand on it like Kyrie.
Stand for something, or fall for anything, I love me.
And I want to know what I’m putting in my body, & the long term effect.
Unvaccinated, two years later and still haven’t been infected yet.

Published by Grade A Cue on AllPoetry

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