Sacred Geometry : Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is a sacred geometry pattern and symbol that represents the seven days of creation.

The overlapping of the circles shows that these events did not happen independently of each other, but that each is intimately connected to the next, building atop what came before it. It is found in art and nature. The Flower of Life, another sacred geometry shape, and other symbols, like the platonic solids, also come from it.

The Seed of Life pattern symbol in sacred geometry is the origin of all and other symbols. Some even consider these patterns as the stage preceding the platonic solids and the Flower of Life essence. Then, the Flower of Life pattern leads to the formation of the “Fruit of Life”. And the Fruit of Life is as the blueprint of the Universe. It contains everything in existence, including life form, molecular structure, and an atom. As a result, everything in existence including life can be founded on it.

Da Vinci compared the Seed of Life to music, pointing out that the distance between the spheres is also the same as the distance between notes, drawing a clear correlation between this visual representation and the symmetry of sound. The area where the circles cross (where the edge of one circle lies in the center of the other) is called the Vesica Pisces, and as Ancient Symbols points out, this is also considered a symbol of unity and power. This particular symbol is associated with photons, as well, making it literally a symbol of light which shows how life moves through creation. The circling of its components, each held by bonds, could also be seen as a metaphor for molecules.

If you wear the Seed of Life as an adornment, it acts as a constant reminder to you of the flow of energy through the Universe, and that much like the Vesica Pisces you are a connection between countless part of the You-niverse.

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