Slow the Breath Down to Slow Everything Down

Published by Nick Caputo

The more breaths you take per minute, the more acidic/male your blood gets and the further into the sympathetic/male nervous system (fight or flight) you get. ⁣

666. 6+6+6 = 18.⁣

Whenever you’re taking more than 18 breaths per minute, you have no choice but to identify with the vehicle, the beast, and not the conscious awareness, which is ever-present (the real you) in that state. ⁣

 The body is just the animal/animated part of you, it’s not all that you are. ⁣

Whenever you eat more than the size of your fist at one time or eat something less than 70% water, you block the diaphragm’s range of motion and force yourself to take shallower, quicker breaths. Eating forces you into a state of bodily identification. ⁣

Think of your body like your car. How would you perceive someone who completely identifies with the car they drive, genuinely thinking that they are nothing more than that car? When the car is all done up with a new paint job and daily car washes they feel like they’re not enough for themselves. ⁣

This is what bodily identification is like. People identify so hard with the physical body and esteem (estimate the value of) themselves based on the body. Do you really think you won’t be enough for yourself and your reflections if you don’t rub aluminum deodorant on your armpits and cover your face in chemical waste from the mining industry (makeup)? Do you really need to spend a majority of your life picking things up and putting them down so your arms swell enough for societal or self approval? ⁣

You are not the vehicle/body. Just like you can get out of your car and live the rest of your life, you can get out of the physical body and wake up in your other/astral bodies. ⁣

Part of the process of self-realization is learning this through insperience. The more you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system consciously and insperience the realization of who you really are, which is God, you’ll see the body as a fun machine with which for you to navigate and play on the earthly playground. ⁣

The body is your reflection, not the true you. Everything in the external physical “reality” reflects you. ⁣

Engin Akyurt

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