The Matrix

Notice Humanity is experiencing a time split. This takes shape in changes to family & other relationships, lifestyle and conditions. You may wish to leave the city, a career, alter diet, environment, climate or community. On a deeper level, many people are shifting frequency and vibration, expanding consciousness. Shifts may evoke nausea, internal and external conflict. How to manage? Allow changes to occur to be in the flow. Reactive behavior is counter productive and creates a disharmonious frequency.

Be gentle with yourself.

The frequency you emit is mirrored. Many people resist change or the related shift into higher frequencies. Some choose to stay in vibes of negative/service to self. Be okay with this. Levels of consciousness exist on Earth and echo a range of energies. As the Life Force within Awakens, it hits that HUmanity has been trapped in a Matrix, generated by our own mutated genetic programs and the frequency feedback by our chemically-altered brain waves. For HUmanity to be free, (to free ourselves) we must grow aware of the identity of those who are manipulating our reality and resurrect the original HUman Blueprint prior to our genetic modification/downgrade. We must get our DNA back online. In that DNA Blueprint, exists a core Template that, when activated, will initiate electromagnetic disassociation from this synthetic Matrix. This accelerates Awakening and explains why many supposed “realities” are falling apart. Flaws (Glitches) exist in the manipulation of humanity by this “negative agenda.” Desperate acts reflected in our current reality are growing more obvious. Same energetic patterns take on different guises. Those Awakening start to identify the unseen, the invisible thread that weaves through many seemingly unrelated events (on a surface) yet all point to the same goal of global enslavement, a body/mind split through distraction and externally controlled artificial intelligence (AI). Tuning into the heart, one begins to see links between GMOs, EMF radiation, lockdowns, “artificial removal” of freedoms (for true freedom is untouchable), all which are environmental factors which collude with genetic experimentation by those who aim to disconnect us from our original DNA Blueprint. Awareness or expansion of consciousness is the key to reclaiming sovereignty and turning everything around. As your energy shifts, you interact with all energies differently and the control measures are rendered ineffective/ obsolete.

The nature of the Matrix is linked to the systemic failure of Earth’s bio-systems. The aim of “interference” has been to establish a slave environment and if people remain unconscious (and give up all control), this would lead to complete destruction of the natural world. In previous posts, its pointed out that to enslave a race, requires taking away its past, sense of cultural identity, ancestry, memories, connection to feelings, people, nature and community. To overturn this, embrace your race, your color, ethnicity, lineage, ancestry. Immerse in nature. Do what makes you feel human. Surrender to Love. An ‘anti-human’ agenda has downgraded our HUman Blueprint by instigating an artificial program using chemical, electromagnetic, political and religious manipulation. This manipulation raises pathological, obedient slaves. We each hold power to alter our own course and can plant a seed for reflection. The intention of those who have controlled the Matrix is to lock in as many humans as possible into a time loop, a frequency prison before the opportunity closes during this time of transition. Humanity is being ushered into a new way of being.

These are challenging times but exciting as well and many of us came here for this re-evolution as we start to remember our true identity. If you decide to investigate “conspiracies” , the deeper you go, the closer you get to the core of betrayal of Humanity, the more you are empowered to make conscious choices to step outside the Matrix and transform your reality. You may notice other examples of glitches in the Matrix (small yet puzzling occurrences with no logical explanation which prompt you to reflect on the nature of reality and the state of your own DNA Blueprint/ resurrected Geometric Template).Your cellphone may disappear from one place to reappear in another (this is an example of frequent/ ongoing ‘teleportation’). You may see or hear a disembodied hand smacking your night-table or a ghostly bodies/-parts in your midst (this is an example of overlapping timelines/ dimensions or wrinkles in “time”). You may take/ find photos that defy the laws of reality or capture images of spirit or unexplainable entitites. (This is simply revealing to you more layers of what is always here).

Liara Covert

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