Reclaim Your Power & Sovereignty

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Notice a pivotal turning point comes as one is psychologically ready to own or reclaim one’s soverignty and true power. The internal compass guides us out of self-created illusions, to stop accepting ideas or treatment that echo we are less than we are. Acting on true feelings may lead to ending difficult relationships.

When we have learned all we can from a relationship, the Soul knows we are ready to begin deeper healing. No advice can convince us to act until we feel that inner shift or transformation, until we reach a pivotal moment in self-awareness, through surpassing a pain threshold or someone going “too far.” Recognizing our own patterns, and the will to let go triggers surrender. This implies we are choosing to face the reality of all traumas we’ve experienced, without the protective defence mechanisms that shielded us from the severity of the trauma.

Reality is that bonds we thought we had with a former partner may be trauma-based bonds that have little to do with actual fulfillment, love or respect and everything to do with our beliefs about the illusion we had created. Ending a relationship can be a golden opportunity to heal from early wounds that were never fully recognized or healed.

The fear of being alone with the pain is overcome from the moment one creates space-time to independently act, think and feel outside the toxic dynamic of a previous relationship. While moving through intense challenges may alienate one from society, it also gives one intense and very genuine connection with other “survivors”, in interactions filled with shared vulnerability, understanding and compassion. We have capacity to share unique insight. What makes us human allows us to fall and rise again from the ashes to share embodied wisdom on self-love.

Liara Covert, Ph.D

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