Numerology 101 : the number four

The nine single-digit numbers form the basis of numerology study, and represent the essence of order in our chaotic world. Each number has its significance, but what about the fourth one?

  • 4 – materiality, integrity, and the vibration of physicality
  • 44 – efficiency, focus and business prosperity
  • 444 – decision making, adaptability and accomplishing goals
  • 4444 – responsability, progress, discipline and taking rational approach

It is widely accepty that 4 symbolizes; grounding, calmness, and being present in the “here and now”.

In mathematics, the number 4 is the smallest composite number. It is also the smallest squared prime (p2) and the only even number in this form. 4 is also the only square one more than a prime number. Four is the smallest possible number of faces (as well as vertices) of a polyhedron, A solid figure with four faces as well as four vertices is a tetrahedron. The regular tetrahedron, the simplest Platonic solid, which can also be called a 3-simplex, has four triangular faces and four vertices. It is the only self-dual regular polyhedron. Four-dimensional differential manifolds have some unique properties.  Einstein’s concept of spacetime uses such a 4D space, though it has a Minkowski structure that is slightly more complicated than Euclidean 4D space.

“The power of the number 10 lies in the number 4, the tetrad.” – Pythagoras

The number four is also spiritually full of insights. It can represent the cardinal points; North, South, Est and West; the phases of the moon, the seasons, the Western four elements; fire, earth, air, water, etc. In the Bible, the Fourth Commandment reminds us to rest; “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.” Four also represents the square of the cross, and symbolize the incarnation of the beings in the matter. In most tarot decks, the Emperor card is associated with the number 4. The Emperor card in the major arcana is indicative of material goods and worldly authority. He is a stoic symbol of responsibility, practicality, and fortitude.

“If the nine-single digits are the roots of our mathematical world, the number four would be the material duality of incarnated life.” – Laurence BL

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