Inoculated or Evicted : Mandates in Ronald McDonald’s House

“All tenants, adults and children over the age of 5 who are not vaccinated are out by the end of January. How absolutely wicked and vile. Watch confront the wicked manager to her face! They are evicting my son with leukaemia and any other children or adults who are suffering with sick children into the snow. The Covid cult is far more dangerous then Covid. If they will evict families with cancer, what won’t they do. Please share this out! If anybody can get me connected with someone I’m willing to fight this and expose it in any way I can.” was posting Austin Farguson last Tuesday.

“A Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia is under scrutiny after a notice was sent to all tenants stating that anyone over the age of 5 who remains unvaccinated by the end of January will be relocated to alternative housing, The Ronald McDonald House Charities, whose largest corporate partner is the McDonald’s restaurant chain, is a nonprofit organization that provides sick children and their families a place to stay close to medical facilities. The charitable organization’s British Columbia and Yukon branch (RMHBC) is located in Vancouver.

A video recently posted to social media shows a father confronting staff regarding the new vaccine mandate, which comes into effect Jan. 31. In it, the man claims his son who has leukemia was being evicted due to his vaccination status. In the video, the staff member does not provide any suggestions that the organization will help the family find alternative accommodation.” City News reported.

Oddly, as of January 14, vaccine mandates have been dropped in many countries, including our Crown : the Great Britain. Indeed, “England ‘WILL scrap Covid passes and WFH at the end of the month’ because they are ‘hard to justify’ now that Omicron is subsiding.

Controversial Covid passes will be scrapped in England this month as the country’s Omicron wave continues to collapse, it was claimed today. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is said to have told MPs that he shared their ‘instinctive discomfort’ at the certificates, which 100 Tories voted against.” reported the Daily Mail.

So why are we evicting a sick kid from a charitable organization within a 2 weeks notice, in the cold and snow of Canada?

This is some kind of crazy evil like I’ve never seen in my life,

the father says.
This is where Canadian politeness needs to draw its line. This is where we should say no.

This is where anybody,"pro-vax" or not, should be angry. 
Many are using the hashtag #BoycottMcDonalds.
And I think it's fair.

But it’s time we stop boycotting, and start pursuing. Peaceful protesting is the way canadian have decided to lead this war against the integrity of humanity, and we need to admit this has fail. It’s time for legal actions now. Enough is enough.

Joel Muniz

Support the family :

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