Gyms Are Essential : Brian Mark’ Testimony

Hey Canada, my name is Brian Mark, and I’ve been fast asleep.

I blindly complied with the mandates for the last 2 years.

I am double “v” word, I followed the rules, I spaced out the equipment in my gym, and yet STILL I got the rug ripped out from underneath me.

Our gym, Iron Energy Gym, was ordered to shut down on December 23rd, 2022. We decided to stay silently defiant for the next few days.RCMP Came in and shut us down on the 29th. We came together as owners and decided that WE WERE NOT GOING TO COMPLY.

And not only were we NOT GOING TO COMPLY, but we were going to GET LOUD.

They threatened to take away my livelihood, with NO SCIENTIFIC data to back it up. They’re taking away my members mental and physical health, and INCREASING THEIR CHANCES OF GETTING SICK. It’s been PROVEN that exercise boosts immunity, and yet the powers that be try to rip the rug out from underneath my feet. I WILL NOT COMPLY. I AM NOT A SHEEP. I AM BRIAN MARK, WE ARE IRON ENERGY, AND WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

The cops came and tried to shut us down after we decided to GET LOUD, and we STAYED OPEN.

We’ve been ordered to close, our business license suspended, fined $2300 and WE’RE STILL OPEN.

We will speak up when others have been silenced.


We will wake up the nation with our movement. They f**ked with the wrong gym.

They wanted to take away our livelihood, so now I will unravel their narrative, one piece at a time.

We will not be stopped.

Brian Mark

3L – ART MAG is a citizen’s initiative fighting for liberty of the press, humanity and the (he)artist involved in its ascension.

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