Dopamine Epidemic

The search for dopamine in our every day lives is one of the biggest underlying factors to feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

Dopamine is a hormone that the brain naturally produces; one of the biggest problems we face today is there are so many things that trigger large hits of this highly addictive hormone, that we’re destroying our brains natural ability to produce it.

When we constantly do things that trigger large hits of it, our natural production of dopamine is completely thrown off: resulting in addiction.

What does this mean?
If you always eat highly palatable foods, whole foods not only become less appealing but these indulgences soon start to lose their lustre too: addiction is caused by the natural depletion and production of dopamine due to overindulgence.

The saddest part of overdoing something that initially gave us pleasure is it starts to lose its perceived value.

There’s a reason why we appreciate the people we don’t get to see that often. Why we love watching our favourite sporting event that rolls around once a year. Why we’re ecstatic when we get a message that we were waiting hours for.

There’s also a reason we undervalue those who stay longer than they should. Don’t pay high ticket prices for things in abundance. Lose interest in those who smother us.

Stop yourself before overdoing anything. Slowly reduce the number of times you go on social media. Order fast food. Feel the need to text. Watch porn. Smoke weed.

* Work a little longer before taking a break
* Only eat that burger after having many solidly nourishing meals throughout the week
* Hold yourself before looking to be held by others

What happens when you cut back on things you’re addicted to? … EVERYTHING GETS BETTER!

Things that naturally stimulate dopamine that benefit your life:

Breath work
Cold exposure

The more you resist the temptation of things that make you feel great momentarily, the happier you’ll feel simply being. Soon, you’ll start to feel as excited about pleasures as you did when you were a kid.

Stay disciplined and stay happy!

Jonah Ribkoff

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