Numerology 101 : the number three

The nine single-digit numbers form the basis of numerology study, and represent the essence of order in our chaotic world. Each number has its significance, but what about the third one?

  • 3 – creativity, communication, and natural rhythm
  • 33 – learning, expansion and a way to open the “Third Eye”
  • 333 – divine spirit, holy trinity and calling from the Ascended Masters
  • 3333 – mind over matter, the movement of Energy and the peak of life and virtues

It is widely accepty that 3 symbolizes; self-expression, creativity, and the manifestation of creative talents.

In mathematics, the number 3 can be represented as the class of all sets that have exactly three elements. Alternatively, in Peano Arithmetic, the number 3 is the “successor” function. Many different representations are possible; all that is needed to formally represent 3 is to inscribe a certain symbol or pattern of symbols three times. It also refers to the triangle in geometry, the Pythagorean theorem. Pythagorean triples have been known since ancient times; the oldest known record comes from Plimpton 322, a Babylonian clay tablet from about 1800 BC. The emergence of the One appears to follow the Law of the Triangle in that it comes from the odd and even and itself produces number or the whole of nature.

“The number three is the perfect number, expressive of “beginning, middle, and end,” wherefore makes it a symbol of Deity. ” – Pythagoras

The number three is also spiritually full of insights. In the Bible, one of the most important ways to respect God is found in the Third Commandment. “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain”. The number three is the association of the first two numbers to create a third entity. In most tarot decks, the Empress card is associated with the number 3. The Empress card in the major arcana is indicative of abundance (maybe even excess) and a strong inner voice. She resembles creation and growth, and she warns against inaction.

“If the nine-single digits are the roots of our mathematical world, the number three would be the dimensional reality of the Tree.” – Laurence BL

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