Numerology 101 : the number one

“For Pythagoras, mathematics was a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds. It was a way of understanding and working with nature, leading to the contemplation of eternal things that never vary. By focusing on the elements of mathematics, one could calm and purify the mind and ultimately experience true happiness.” – Silvano Leonessi

The nine single-digit numbers form the basis of numerology study, and represent the essence of order in our chaotic world. Each number has its significance, but what about the first of them all?

  • 1 – originality, free-spirit, and self-assertiveness.
  • 11 – enlightenment and inspiration, female and male equality, and balance.
  • 111 – energetic gateway, opened doors, and manifestation.
  • 1111 – connection with the spiritual plane and high potential realisations.

It is widely accepted that 1 symbolizes; creation, new beginnings, independence and self-sufficiency. 

In mathematics, the number one is only divisible by itself : making it independent of any other numerals, yet composing them all. It is a powerful characteristic to possess, and it holds a great symbolism. In physics, the first law of thermodynamics tells us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred.

“ One, the original number, is what is in everything, and everything is combined in the One.” – Pythagoras

The number one is also spiritually full of insights. In the Bible, the first of the ten commandments is : “worship no god but me” – refers to me, the accusative form of the ego, in hebrew. And philosophically, Pythagoras described one as a “whole heaven” – the “everything in everything”. In most tarot decks, the first of the Major Arcana is the magician and is represented by the planet, God and element Mercury, the messenger between high above and down below, and the First Matter of alchemy – “the spirit of any material”.

“If the nine-single digits are the roots of our mathematical world, the number one would be its seed.” – Laurence BL

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