Enjoy, Little Girl!

As far as I remember, I’ve never had the feeling to be part of a “family”. My father left when I was seven, I barely saw him for the next fifteen years. My mom was all over the place, trying to make it through. My oldest brother left home soon after, and my relationship with my other siblings was pretty simple: a lot of independence, everyone on his side. I did not have a difficult childhood. It was not easy either. I’ve never had the feeling to be part of a “family”, but I tried so hard to put everyone back together again. Because I wanted one.

I needed it.

At least I thought so. In the middle of all this, we have lived, we still do and we will share moments of love and happiness again. But this picture got me, deep down. You just have a glimpse of the moment I’ve been witness of, but what I saw was the magic of the world that we do not pay attention to anymore. I saw this little girl running, as fast as she could, turning over a little, just enough to see her mom and dad starting to run after her. And I saw loveliness in this. I saw the beauty of the concept of family taking place right at that instant. I watched them sharing this innocent moment of happiness that was so simple, so pure, and I realized it wasn’t the twenty-eight years old me who was watching this.

No, it was the seven years old kid who had never simply run with his parents in the middle of the street. That’s why this picture means so much to me. That’s why I wanted it with this old school black and white vibe. That’s why I love the fact that it’s blurred a little. Even though photography freeze and capture a moment, I wanted it to stay fleeting forever.
Enjoy, little girl!

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