Native Language : Images

Well,  I’m not sure that any of you read my
first article here, but there is a second one.

I would like to share my thoughts about photography, 
and how it lined up with the squirrel.

Considering photography as an Art,
what is the most important :
crystal clear sharp shot or blurry but moody one?

Of course, and it’s obvious, ideally; both in one.
And this will be what people call a masterpiece.

Here's an another shot question :
how many photos you can recall, right now,
that can be labeled as an masterpiece? I bet not so many...

But photography is so popular in human life?
I think, nowadays when every one has a camera in smartphone and people prefer watch/look rather than read, photography became type of the universal language and everyone in the world can speak it ( someone better than other but still).

Why is it so? Because picture can be informative (newspapers shot from action spot), can evoke feelings (cute kitten in Instagram) can induce some actions (beautiful landscape shot and you are already planning next vocation trip to this place), hence the most language functions are covered by photography without any obstacles.

That’s the key answer why social networks like Instagram are so popular today as people love to communicate and share feelings, thoughts and information.

Returning to squirrels, as it's our main topic;
they're usually fast and unpredictable, and consequently;
it's not easy to get a sharp shot of squirrels in wild life!

That’s why I choose them as my target for practicing my photo skills to improve my technical ability; to speak through the photo with my followers in Instagram; as well as I’m practicing my English by writing this essay trying to express my thoughts about photography.

That’s the end for now.
Thank you for reading and share your opinion
in comments, if you wish. I'll be glad to read them.

Take care!

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