Why Our Diet Model Is Wrong : & How to Change It

“Consuming 10 portions of vegetables and fruits a day,

people may naturally tend to eat less processed foods;

because they’re less hungry.”

Although it has not been scientifically proven “beyond any reasonable doubts” that eating more fruits and veggies is healthier… Why?


Studies in the diet industry are deeply flawed.

But to understand what it means, we need to look at the meaning of this word in a scientific approach :

When they conduct a pharmaceutical study on an experimental drug, if the drug is considered as “ineffective” : they take for granted that they can’t potentially know if the participants consumed the product according to their strict given parameters – so the study will not be considered as “unsuccessful” – but it will be consider as flawed. What it means is that : they haven’t proved it wrong yet.

So they can keep on trying.

Now, pharmas have access to(o many) billions of dollars every year; Diet research does not.

Because what they don’t tell you is that your health isn’t important here. Profit is…

Far more than they want you to know.

There’s a reason why new diets emerge out of nowhere everyday; the people are confused by the contradictory, inconsistent and contentious studies; atkins, keto, veggie, vegan, raw, Mediterranean… There’s so many! And some approaches goes totally against another…

It is because researchers cannot strictly control what participants consumes, and how well they are adapting their lifestyle to fit their new food intake. When the study in diet research is considered “ineffective” : they will consider it as unsuccessful – so they will inevitably cut the fundings on that specific research, and they’ll have to start another.

And we’re on for another spin of wheel; the chase for “The Best Diet Prize”.


I was hoping to talk about the food industry here, and its horrendous overproduction…

But I’ve worked as a cook too much and for too long to not dedicate an entire article about it.

So… What should we eat?

My answer : eat what Mother Earth gives you.

Martial art being so dear to my (he)art, I just want to share the perspective of a monk towards food here;

  1. Give blessings;
  2. Developing the skill of observation;
  3. Eating mindfully, and with manners.

Now, Shaolins are veggies, but not every monks are. Many will eat what is given to them from their community; therefore, they eat the “surplus” – and I think this is where we should truly begin our reflection on our own diet model.

Nature is giving us products : eat them!

I am a proud vegan, but I totally understand the natural instinct to eat meat – and if it’s done ethically : I personally don’t have any problem with it, and I will eat meat, or animal products, if it has been offered; from Mother Nature, and from the living being she’s welcoming. The First Nations for example still thanks the living being when they suppress their life…

Let’s just say it is far from the treatment we deserve to animals in the agricultural industry :

In the United States, it is illegal in more than a dozen of states to film animal cruelty : they punish organisations and

medias fighting against unethical behaviors.

It is a complete non-sense, but this is the world we live in. And if we want to change it, we need to change our daily habits regarding food and its meaning, first.

Take a moment to just ask yourself how much energy have been deployed to bring food to your table; the life of a being, the people collecting it, the transformation process, the (over)packaging procedure, the (unnecessary) transport needed… And I’m not even mentioning the light of the sun performing photosynthesis, or the gravity making Earth turns around it, or your hours spent on accumulating a “good” that only got the value we’re giving it…

Ask yourself, next time you hold a fruit in your hand, how many years of evolution it took for it to be there, and for you to consume it…

And most importantly…

Remember to be grateful towards that gift.

Eat what makes you feel grateful – and beware of x,y, and z diets that pretend to have all the answers – the answer is embeded in your body : listen to it.

You got it.

Laurence BL
Chief Editor

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