The Liberty of the Press

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. — Thomas Jefferson, 1786.

“The 2020 World Press Freedom Index, compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), shows that the coming decade will be decisive for the future of journalism, with the Covid-19 pandemic highlighting and amplifying the many crises that threaten the right to freely reported, independent, diverse and reliable information.” – RSF

©(AFP Photo) Daily Sabbah

Last year, a thousand journalists died for that : the liberty of the press.

As The Happy Neurone shared; “attacks like that are not uncommon in the Philippines, as in many countries. Shortly after leaving the radio station at 9pm, Filipino journalist Cornelio Pepino was shot multiple times in the head by two unidentified attackers on motorcycles. As he drove home with his wife, the two men pulled up next to their car and opened fire, killing him instantly. His wife barely survived.

Police have still not identified a motive, although they highly suspect it was retaliation for Cornelio’s investigations into illegal mining operations, bribery, and corruption. […]

To begin with, the governments of some countries exercise strict control over the media, as they feel it is a threat to their power structures.”

A couple of decades ago, I would have understand – the world wasn’t ready for the “era of information”.

But at this point, we should be. Instead of living it : we’re walking through it, and with blinkers, on top of that!

I live in Québec, Canada; a proud self-claim "democratic" nation...
And it happens here too. Censorship is surrounding us everyday.

My question is : where is our democracy?

Where was our democracy when we decided that "socially" distancing ourselves was the only way to protect the population?
Where was our democracy when we decided to shut down our local businesses and foster those (already too) big corporations?
Where was our democracy when we decided that unvaccinned lives has less rights than a vaccined one, who is actually "protecting" only themselves with that said vaccine?

Where is our democracy now that we decide that the only valid opinion is one based on the fear of the masses?

“An uncensored press is more an advantage than a danger in democratic societies when it acts as a human rights watchdog and a promoter of discussion.” – Anonymous

Everything today is about choosing right, or wrong.
Picking left, or right.

But the truth is : we have forgotten what’s in between, and to talk about it.

We're sharing well-camped opinions that only gets us into debates.
Why won't we share unshackled ideas, and discuss?
©Yohann Libot | Graff Artist ©Moe 79

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.”

In my opinion, journalists are the warriors of
this current war we're living in.

They use freedom of speech as
their weapon to fight for our rights.

Laurence BL
Chief Editor

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