The Flower

My name is Daniyar.

I’m 37 years old guy and I’m from Kazakhstan - this is a big country right next to Russia - if you will; try to find it on Google map!

I’m an engineer and was working in mining company for more than ten years. My first Master degree in metallurgy and second in advanced materials but I always felt more of an artistic person rather than a precise engineering guy.

I’ve been told by parents and society that engineer is a proper occupation, and I always can earn bread and butter with it : I followed that advice as they all know better from the top of their experience in life. At the same time my artistic part never left me. During my university years I started to play guitar and write songs with my friends.

I was really into music and spent all my money from part time jobs to get my first Fender Stratocaster and amplifier. That time I could spent hours and hours of practicing guitar after university as I never visited music school I learned playing guitar myself with my friends help.

As a result on my last university year I had about 5 home records and showed them to guy from local radio. He likes them but mentioned that I would not be able to earn with my music as it’s not a popular format to play on a radio in Kazakhstan.

That time I did my first degree in metallurgy and no idea what to do next with my life. With intention to postpone my engineering working life waiting for me in my home town I decided to continue my education abroad and applied for international scholarship to University of Surrey in UK. With some had aches I won this scholarship and flew away from Kazakhstan for the first time in my life.

During my study in UK I fall into photography I think due to there were so much new things around me that I just can’t resist to begin documenting all of it. My first tool for it was my Sony Ericsson phone 1.3 mpixel camera. Few days ago I found that first shots and there are so warm and cozy emotions to see London by my eyes from the past.

That time 2008-2009 we hadn’t Instagram or tik tok and shared pictures only by Facebook or during live interaction with friends, that’s why I took pictures mostly for myself. As with the music I started to become addicted by photography and tried not just shot what I literally see but also what I feel which is quite complicated especially if you’re novice in it but I didn’t surrender and keep doing until now. After my tough but successful study in University of Surrey according to scholarship requirements I’ve returned to Kazakhstan to work as an engineer for at least five years in the country.

Those five years turned to ten and now I have some time to stop and look around trying to understand is it what I really want to do the rest of my life?

That’s very hard question when you 18;
And definitely not the easiest one in 37.

I still love photography and artistic part of me is still there and that’s why few weeks ago in 2021 I ran my first Instagram account; to share with people all around the world some my shots, thoughts and feelings through photos. This shot in the article is looks like me as it’s spread seeds and now just preparing to rebirth next spring in dozens new beautiful flowers. Life is continuous changing and mine are waits me right after the next corner.

Thank you for reading and hope that’s wasn’t the most
boring stuff in your life!

Best regards


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