Material : Why, How & When

First Issue’s Coming!

It’s been an incredible journey so far to establish that project so dear to my (he)art : a free public art magazine, meant to promote art and humanism. The community reminds me every day why I’m doing this, and how important that is… And that the « when » doesn’t matter.

But since we have to set one; date of first release is on

September 14th!

vol.1 – 3L (FR) – SEPT21 (cover)

Wait, but… Why?

The idea of this moving public space was born a few years back, when I came across a TEDtalk about procrastination, by Tim Urban. You might have heard of it : it went quite viral! During the presentation, he pictured this :

©image provided by Your Life in Weeks – Tim Urban

And it hit me : I had to do something.

Because when you start to fill those circles, you realise there’s not much left!

When I was young, I was fascinated by fashion, and architecture. At that time I didn’t really knew why, but as I grew up as an artist, as a human, the reason became clear : those forms of visual art were meant to be shared.

Artistic work shouldn’t belong to museum : it should belong to the world to see. Art pieces are surrounding us every day – if we allow our eyes to see it – it’s everywhere we want to look at.

And I had to share that. Why? Cause art is too precious to hide.

Sure, but… How?

There’s the tricky part.

Just to be clear; I’m a real artist at (he)art. I am not a business person… At all! So how should I do that?

Well, I started somewhere. Where? Doesn’t matter!

Because at the end, there is no end.

The beginning has already started, long before me! After all, Egyptian’s and Greek’s ancient architecture or statues; Aztec’s and Mayan’s tattoo… They were an early form of visual public art; they used it to reflect their society and human beings importance.

I haven’t invented the wheel… They did!

Perpetrating those values are enough for me. So my journey started in the middle – a bit out of nowhere…!

Having a blog in our technological era only felt like a natural way to propagate this human-artist philosophy.

But I had a problem with having a virtual presence : censorship. On every platform we go; we need to crop; we need to blur; we need to hide a part of our (he)art…

But this is not how it should be.

So… When?


Even though the articles weren't ready;
Even though the prints weren't ready;
Even though I wasn't ready!

I had to do it now because of how many weeks in my life I have left : not much.

Consequently, the first issue coming on September 14th is in French only. The language of Molière being my mother tongue, it was the most efficient way to launch the initiative. But rest assured : the English version is coming for October! And a bilingual version is also on my mind…

But I want to remind you…

… that time cannot exist without space.

©Laurence BL | Graff Artist ©Unknown

So we’re alive through something already;

Our (he)art.

Welcome into our space

Join our community




Laurence BL
Chief Editor

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