Where Does Your Money Goes?

You are considering to help us fund our magazine but you’re wondering how much you should give? How it might help?


Your donation will help paying either one of those two expenses;

  1. Maintain our virtual presence;
  2. Printing our material on recycled paper.

  • 5$ = one copy of our monthly issue;
  • 15$ = one month of website’s maintenance;
  • 100$ = all 25 copies of our monthly issue !!!

Please note that this is a community project, born of a citizen initiative. Our photographers and writers share their (he)art for free. In that regard, they will not receive any sort of payout from those donations, except the visibility you are granting them!

©Yohann Libot | design by ©Laurence BL

All donations will go to the magazine or its promotion.

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