Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

“We fought for these ideals we shouldn’t settle for less”

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Today's the day I'm losing my liberty.

As a 90's kid living in Canada, I never thought the world would know a crisis that makes me say that. I never thought I would lose those things that makes me a citizen. I thought I had rights; I thought I was free; I thought I had democracy... I thought I was safe.

But now I have to say it; I did lose those things. We all did. We lost our rights, our freedom (or the "sensation of"), our democracy, and moreover... Our safety.

I don't need a vaccine "for my safety" : your body shouldn't need a vaccine "for your safety". You have an immune system for that! If your immune system is not strong enough to fight, then I'm sorry to remind you we are just another species living on Mother Earth - that lives by her rules - letting the weakest dies so the strongest can survive.

Sure, now that we have medicine, it wouldn't be much empathetic to let people die! I understand that and I'm an empath myself. But the truth is; we're destroying a planet by overpopulating it. Wouldn't it be more empathetic to think about all of the living beings that suffers from our desire to always grow, and expand what we already are, what we already have? The survival of a species always needs sacrifice. And you are wrong if you think the sacrifice is to restrain your breathing and supersedes your immune system! The sacrifice they are asking us right now is to let go of our liberty of choice; our freedom of action... Our individuality. It shouldn't be. What we should sacrifice is our current financial model, our contrived lifestyle archetype, our established diet ideals...

And too many of us are not even realising it.

Because they are restraining our freedom of speech too - by segregating society into "yes or no" parties, discrediting the side of the coin they don't like and removing every ounce of credibility they can find in our statements to make sure the mass listen to them instead.
You might think a mask or a vaccine will keep you safe - and that's okay. I respect your choice : but your fear - as much as your speech - is at the wrong place.  You may fear to catch a virus, but I fear to lose my humanity. What will keep you safe is taking care of yourself; by any natural means it might mean to you. Mine is a strict control of what my body and mind consumes - a healthy mind in a healthy body.

It has been my philosophy long before the current episode we're living in right now; what I am consuming is natural and well balanced.

To heal a cough, I don't need drugs : I need vitamins. To help me sleep, I don't need pills : I need exercise. To boost my immune system, I don't need a vaccine : I need antioxidant. And it's the same for what my mind consumes. To be happy, I don't need to inhibit my negative emotions : I need to experience them fully. To heal my traumas, I don't need antidepressant : I need self-reflection. To stay informed, I don't need to listen to medias : I need to educate myself.

Society might think we need a vaccine to fight a virus, but we don't.
We need healthy minds in healthy bodies.

That's what makes us human : to be conscious of our inner and outer self.

And we're losing that today : by segregating our society; by segregating our ideas; by segregating our people; and their body and mind.

What we really need is logical consciousness and spiritual awakeness.

Climb out of the trench and have a look at how life is beautiful up there.

Feel how wonderful it is to be alive.
Laurence BL
Chief Editor

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