Collective Space

La Pépinière

Did you know about La Pépinière – Espaces Collectifs?

"Born of a citizen initiative in 2014, the organization is now a leader in the placemaking movement in Quebec with more than 30 projects under its belt. La Pépinière uses its expertise to implement programs that support the creation of collective spaces and expand the number of actors able to carry these projects. La Pépinière has built a reputation for its ability to spring into action and deliver concrete results in a short time.

By engaging local actors, La Pépinière develops collective spaces based on the needs of communities. Since our founding our team has acquired a solid know-how in design, management, mobilization, and activation of public spaces. Our process contributes to a paradigm shift in urbanism. La Pépinière is convinced that the involvement of the broader collective has the ability to build better, more inclusive, fairer, and resilient cities. It’s in that optic that our organization accompanies local communities in their projects of appropriating cities so as to reinforce their influence on the future of their neighbourhoods." - pépinièreco
Laurence BL
Chief Editor

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