Sharing Intimacy

One of our dearest value is freedom of speech : a speech without censorship. More often than not, provocative words and images get hidden, censored, or worst; banned. Censorship is a real issue nowadays.

Too many artists I’ve met are claiming they would be its first victim if they had never learn to build their inner strenght, and combativity.

But for most of us, it is a long ascent… Some haven’t start it yet, and other seems to climb as fast as monk(ey)s.

The rythm doesn’t matter; consistancy does.

No matter if you are a sprinter or a marathonian. Or if you’re gonna reach the top today, or next year…

Because you’re never gonna reach the finish line – you’re just gonna keep up on trying. And this is all that matters.

Be the (he)art

Laurence BL
Chief Editor

© photo | Yohann Libot

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