This is where it begins!

I’ve procrastinated this project for so long I almost started to believe it would never see the light of day. But here we are, a couple of days before the first publish, and I am excited as a kept fish who’d discover there’s a whole ocean outside of its tank! Environmental jokes aside – it is an honor to collaborate with such conscious, combatant, creative human minds and to share what we came here to explore; humanism.

I ponder on that term often… Because I still haven’t found what it means to me yet. In some sort of way, I feel like it should include other’s perception, since humans are the core of that concept.

But can we listen, comprehend and accept ideas if we haven’t listen to ours yet?

The truth is : you can.

But at which cost? Your freedom of thought? Your freedom of speech? Your freedom of action?

Or worst; your individuality?

I’ve came to realize over the years that my (he)art could listen to my own ideas, when my brain couldn’t. And it became my way to deal with the world we live in. This is why I opened this public space that is meant to be, like art itself, in motion.

3L is not just your typical art magazine. 3L is a time and place – the paper is meant to freeze us in time – the humans are there to keep it moving.

Laurence BL
Chief Editor

© photo Bob Photographie

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