Welcome Into our Space

As a dancer and photographer, it felt natural to create a moving public space where visual arts could speak for themselves.

Motion and emotion is what keeps the world running, so this space is here for you to embrace those concepts as a whole.

You’re a creative mind? A passionnate lover? An empathic soul? Or maybe just a living being?

It is my pleasure to welcome you here : a virtual public space about 3L – ART MAG.

This place is meant to share :

  • Meaningful images
  • Inspiring ideas

No more. No less.

It is my place, your place, and our place to us all.

Humanism is a value dear to my (he)art and it is important for me to see people gathering around and connecting through art pieces. Many people along my way helped me reaching that goal today and I could not be more grateful towards them, life, myself and the choices I made to get there.

It is a constant work in progress you are more than welcomed to participate in. Feel free to reach out to get featured!

Laurence BL
Chief Editor

© photo | Laurence BL

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